06.07 – BE Bruxelles – Fuse / DJ
07.07 – NL Amsterdam – Down The Rabbit Hole / Ambient DJ
10.07 – DE Berlin – Mazen / Ambient DJ
12.07 – DE Essen – STF24 / DJ
19.07 – FR Bussy-Le-Grand – Image Sonore 2024 / LIVE ALBUM
20.07 – NL Amsterdam – Lofi / DJ
27.07 – NL Amsterdam – Dekmantel Festival / Album Live
01.08 – NL Amsterdam – Dekmantel Festival / WORKSHOP
02.08 – DE Berlin – Tresor / DJ
16.09 – IT Milan – Inner_Spaces / LIVE


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“Dutch artist Nadia Struiwigh steps into the spotlight for our latest Electronic Beats Tech Talk. The producer with roots in Rotterdam has become widely recognized for her unique spin on ambient, techno, electro and more, all instilled with her signature ethereal, melodious and dynamic production style. Her music has found a home on the some of the most prestigious imprints in this field of music such as Central Processing Unit, Nous’klaer, Dekmantel, Clone and InFiné among others, a striking sign of the quality embodied in her productions. In this talk, Struiwigh shares with us some of her production processes and go to gear used in the making of her music and as a live performer. Join us to discover more…”


Nothing Ear (2) ! 💙

Alrighty, I was looking for new earbuds for a while, until I came across Nothing Ear (2). As usual… I always test products that I want to use for a few weeks firstly because I want to have an honest opinion about it. I’m really happy with @nothing Ear (2) because it produces a powerful sound, strong bass, equalizer optimisation, and noise cancellation, it comes with a case to charge the earbuds with, is water resistant, and of course, it looks really high-tech. Well done!!!


“Join artist/producer Nadia Struiwigh on a musical journey together with Objekt Modeling Synthesizer. In this video Nadia breaks down her experimental track and showcase how she’s used Objekts many features and the power of physical modeling synthesis to create a rich and interesting sound. You’ll learn how to create atmospheric textures, percussions, pads, bass sounds, keys, hi-hats and much more only using this ONE instrument. Nadia also shares her best tips and tricks when it comes to workflow and adding effects. This tutorial is perfect for anyone who’s producing ambient electronic music and is looking for new inspiration. “


I am excited to be collaborating with Adam Audio on a new video about me and my work as a music producer. This video will showcase the amazing sound of Adam Audio’s TX7 speakers, which I use in my studio in Berlin.

The video will feature my biography, studio setup, and the process of creating music with Adam Audio’s speakers. You can expect to see some behind-the-scenes footage from my studio as well as some interviews with me about how I use these speakers to create amazing soundscapes. The videos will be released on all social media platforms and I invite you to join me on this journey!


I am excited to announce that I will be creating tutorial videos to help you get started with REMIX LIVE (MIXVIBES). These step-by-step videos will guide you through the app and teach you how to create live jams, record and mix tracks, and more. With my help, you’ll be able to take your music production skills to the next level.


Exploring physical modelling from ASS. I will take you through a video collaboration between me and Native Instruments, as well as a walkthrough of how I used the plugin of AAS in a track. This video is aimed at helping music producers understand the power of physical modelling from AAS and how it can be used to create unique sounds in their tracks.


Korg OPSIX is an incredible FM synthesizer that has revolutionized the way we create music. It has enabled us to explore and experiment with different sounds and textures, allowing us to create unique content in a collaborative environment.

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Korg and create a jam video using their OPSIX FM synthesizer. It was an amazing experience that allowed me to explore new creative possibilities and come up with something truly unique. Through this jam video, I was able to demonstrate how powerful the OPSIX FM synthesizer can be.


I am thrilled to have been invited by BOBEATS to make a video on my favourite synthesizer, Teenage Engineering. As a musician and producer, I am passionate about creating music with this amazing piece of equipment. In the video, I will be exploring the features of Teenage Engineering and demonstrating how I use it to create unique sounds and compositions.

I’m excited to share my experience and knowledge of this incredible synthesizer with the BOBEATS community. With its intuitive design, versatile sound palette and powerful features, Teenage Engineering is truly an inspiring tool for any music maker!