Nadia Struiwigh – SAMPLE PACK “BASSIK”

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🎶 Introducing my debut sample pack, “BASSIK: Kicks & Subs”! The Kicks and Subs are crafted using the Module Kickain from Knobula

Here are 10 tips to make the most of these Kicks and Sub-samples in your production:

  1. Layer kicks and subs to create a powerful, full-bodied foundation.
  2. Experiment with pitch and envelope adjustments for diverse sonic possibilities.
  3. Apply subtle saturation or distortion to add character and warmth.
  4. Use sidechain compression to let the kick breathe in a mix with other elements.
  5. Combine kicks and subs with synths to craft unique bass textures.
  6. Employ transient shaping for punchier kicks and cleaner subs.
  7. Create rhythmic patterns using the samples to add grooves to your tracks.
  8. Try reversing the samples for intriguing build-ups and transitions.
  9. Explore stereo imaging techniques to widen the sound and add depth.
  10. Don’t forget to experiment – there are endless ways to use these samples!

Thank you for supporting me! Grab your copy of “BASSIK” now and infuse your music with the crunchy power of analog sounds.